Spring Checklist: 10 Tasks to get your yard summer ready

Last Updated on: 8th February 2024, 04:15 pm

Spring has sprung!

Spring is here in Eastern North Carolina, with warmer daytime temperatures already arriving. So it’s time to prepare your lawn for the warmer weather. Even though we still have cool nights, beach time will be here before you know it! This spring checklist will ensure you check all the to-dos off your list before the heat arrives and you head out for fun in the sun.

Spring Checklist for a Beautiful Yard

Here are ten early spring lawn maintenance tasks that every homeowner should do:

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  1. Rake up leaves and debris: Rake up any fallen leaves, sticks, or debris accumulated on your lawn over the winter. This will help prepare the soil for new growth and give your yard an immediately cleaner appearance. While you’re at it, give a tug at those early weeds.
  2. Aerate your lawn: Aerating your lawn in the spring can help reduce compaction and allow water and nutrients to penetrate the soil more easily.
  3. Remove thatch: Thatch is a layer of dead grass and roots that can accumulate on top of the soil. It looks unsightly and can smother your lawn. Removing it will help promote healthy new growth.
  4. Fertilize: Spring is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. A slow-release fertilizer will provide sustained nutrition to your grass throughout the growing season.
  5. Reseed bare patches: Reseed any patches that may have appeared over the winter. This will help ensure that your lawn has an even and lush appearance.
  6. Check for pests: Check for signs of pests, grubs, or mole activity, and treat as necessary.
  7. Water: If there isn’t enough rainfall, water your lawn regularly to keep it hydrated and healthy.
  8. Mow: Start mowing your lawn when the grass reaches a height of about three inches. Avoid mowing too short, as this can damage the roots and make it more difficult for the grass to recover from stress.
  9. Edge: Edge your lawn to create a clean, defined border between your lawn and garden beds or driveway.
  10. Monitor: Regularly monitor your lawn for signs of disease, insect damage, or other issues,addressing them promptly. You can find treatment products at the local hardware store or garden center.
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By following these ten early spring lawn maintenance tasks, you can help ensure your lawn is healthy and beautiful all season long. Do you need help removing the last of those fall leaves or cutting your grass? Call Tayloe’s Lawn Care Services at 252.287.3376. We are ready to help! Also, we invite you to follow our daily posts on Facebook.


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Deborah Tayloe
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