Powellsville pressure washing

Powellsville Pressure Washing Services

Do you need to hire pressure washing services in Powellsville? You’ve found the very best!

Tayloe’s Lawn Care and Pressure Washing Services, near Powellsville, is a Bertie County-owned, local business. We know the area and the needs of residents and commercial property owners. We’re proud to serve our neighbors in the county!

Powellsville is a tight-knit community, quiet during most of the year. Still, it is well-known for its two big events–the annual Fire Department barbecue plate sale in the spring and Christmas Tree Lighting at the town hall. With these two events drawing in hundreds of visitors, Powellsville residents take pride in their homes and the village’s welcoming atmosphere.

Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing in Powellsville

Tayloe’s Pressure Washing Services offers a range of cleaning solutions for residents in town and the surrounding communities, including the following:

  • Home exterior pressure washing for vinyl siding, brick, block, or aluminum siding homes
  • Commercial real estate, realtors, and investment property owners
  • Porch, patio, and wood deck cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Concrete surface cleaning

Our skilled team uses the latest equipment and eco-friendly cleaning techniques to effectively remove grime, mildew, moldiness, and algae from your property. When we pressure wash your property, you minimize detergent runoff into local waterways. That’s because the powerful water jet we use is of commercial quality. In fact, it flushes away debris quickly– and generally without any chemical cleansing products. 

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Ready to entrust Tayloe’s Lawn Care Services can help you with your residential or commercial pressure washing in Powellsville? You may fill in this form or text us at 252.287.3376 for a prompt reply.

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Our crew can help you showcase your home during these important community events by providing tailored pressure washing services that meet your specific needs.

Make your home shine and contribute to the beauty of Powellsville by trusting Tayloe’s Lawn Care and Pressure Washing Services. Let’s connect today! We would love for you to learn more about our pressure washing services in Powellsville and schedule a consultation. Call or text us at 252.287.3376 right now to set up a free estimate.

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