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Kelford Lawn Care Services

Tayloe’s Lawn Care Services Can Help You Care for Your Kelford Property

Kelford, a small village surrounded by lush farmland, is a thriving agricultural community where local farmers grow corn, peanuts, soybeans, and tobacco. Serving as a convenient hub for the community, Kelford is home to several local churches and a post office. At these spots, residents attend to their farm business and daily needs. Many Kelford residents work at the nearby Perdue facility. Lawn care services in Kelford are a must that many take advantage of.

And why not?

Hard workers like you deserve a well-kept home and lawn to enjoy during your downtime. At Tayloe’s Lawn Care, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain a beautiful, well-maintained lawn that complements your dedication to the agricultural heritage of Kelford.

Tayloe’s Lawn Care Services Near Kelford, North Carolina

Our expert team provides comprehensive lawn care services tailored to the unique needs of Kelford residents, including the following tasks:

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  • Weekly or every two week cutting grass
  • Trimming or edging
  • Fall or spring aeration and overseeding
  • General lawn maintenance and cleanups, including after storms and in the spring and fall
  • Autumn leaf services

Using the latest yard maintenance tools and state-of-the-art techniques, our professional team delivers outstanding results. We’ll make your property look like a knock-out. We take great pride in serving our friends and neighbors in Kelford, ensuring that each lawn is well-maintained and contributes to the strong sense of pride that defines this lovely agricultural community.

By entrusting your lawn care needs to Tayloe’s Lawn Care, you can enjoy more time with your family, friends, and neighbors, knowing that your lawn is in good hands. After a long day of work at Perdue or tending to your farm, you deserve to come home to a beautiful, well-maintained lawn that reflects the pride and care you take in your home and your community.

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Connect With Tayloe’s Lawn Care Services for a Custom-fit Program

Contact us at Tayloe’s Lawn Care Services to learn more about our expert crew can help. We will stop by to offer you a free, no obligation consultation. We look forward to helping you maintain a stunning lawn that celebrates the hard work and dedication of the Kelford community. Please reach out to us by phone or text: 252.287.3376.

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