Burlap in the Garden: 6 Super practical (and lovely!) uses

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Using burlap in your outdoor spaces is practical and oh-so-pretty.

There is nothing like burlap bags to ace both functionality and fun. They are particularly known as storage bags for potatoes and other produce. Since burlap is a breathable fabric that is durable and resistant to condensation, it is ideal for shipping as sacks and bags.

But that is not all. Whether for practical uses or decorative finishes, burlap can be used in many ways in the garden. Since this woven fabric is made of organic material, jute, it is generally safe for children or pets.

Aside from their practicality, burlap bags also have this gorgeous, natural texture from the jute fibers, making them greatly valuable in outdoor craft and decor ideas that the creative in you will love.

6 Ways to Use Burlap in Your Garden

We all know you can grow potatoes and harvest in burlap sacks. But what else can you do? The possibilities seem almost endless!

This inexpensive and biodegradable material can be fashioned into various ways to solve your garden woes. Take a look at some of them.

1 – Protect Plants from the Natural Elements

But doing this is a bit tricky. Many people commit the mistake of using burlap to bind the plants tightly. If used correctly, burlap can be a winter wonder by forming burlap into supported screens and barriers to protect the plants from the harsh winds during those possible winter storms.

They can also be used as a shield from the scorching summer sun. You only need to hang burlap over your vegetable beds and have instant sunscreen. When nighttime frost becomes a headache, try to use the burlap as a cover for your tender crops overnight and remove it when the sun is up.

cover plants

2 – Deter Animals from Attacking the Plants

Animals like rabbits, deer, and critters can pose a problem when they wander unchecked in your garden. Since it is impossible to keep an eye on your front yard and backyard at all times, the next logical thing to do is to take precautionary measures to avoid your plant getting trampled on and destroyed.

Use the burlap bags as two-foot-high fences around the plants. This four-sided barricade should be big enough not to touch the plants and hinder their growth. You can also wrap some plants in burlap to deter animals from nibbling away on your blueberry bushes.

3 – Keep the Weeds Away in Your New Garden

You have just prepared a brand-new garden but don’t have the time to plant yet. Your woes must include dealing with weeds that will start to grow and dominate your garden. How do you prevent them from growing there?

The answer lies in laying down temporary mulch. The pieces of burlap cloth can be used for this. Put them over the top of the soil to discourage weeds’ growth, but get on with your planting before the weed gets gnarled on your burlap mulch.

4 – Getting Rid of Leaves and Other Yard Waste

Menial tasks like lugging the yard waste can be easier if you have the patience and resourcefulness to make the job easier. Get big old pieces of burlap before you rake the leaves. Once you have raked them, place the leaves on the burlap and drag them away with minimal effort. You need not take several trips to drag your yard waste away completely.

5 – Moving the Plants around the Garden

Need to transplant or move large shrubs or trees?

Protect the roots while you move large plants or trees.

Transplanting is one of the many tasks you should take care of when gardening. It requires careful skill to replant without damaging the roots, but you can make it easier by following this clever trick when you replant.

Using pieces of a burlap sack, line the container and place the plant inside. When the time comes for transplanting, you only need to lower the burlap bag into the planting hole before removing the burlap to leave the plant in its place without disturbing its roots.

It is also possible to use burlap to protect the roots of balls of plants. Wrap the root ball with this durable fabric to keep the soil in place. The burlap will keep it safe until you can replant it, helping it retain moisture and protect it from the elements.

6 – Embellish the Outdoor Areas with Burlap

Invest in these rustic bags and sacks, which are common in do-it-yourself crafts and decor. Your garden can do with a few finishing touches to make it more appealing. Provide a shaded area in the yard with burlap mounted on poles or frames.

If you have a garden furniture set, you can fashion burlap fabric into a cushion and pillow covers for that rustic charm. You can add pretty accents to your boring garden walls by making burlap wreaths to hang on your fences. Or, you can make a rustic chic table runner or placemats.  It’s so easy with a little bit of creative thinking! It is a perfect mood setter when guests come for a sunset picnic.

The Takeaway: You Can Find Many Uses for Burlap in the Garden

These practical uses and outdoor decor ideas for burlap can spice up your yard. Just remember to choose the right burlap. For your garden, please purchase those not treated with chemical finishes like bleach or dye. The all-natural fiber can easily break down if buried in the soil, while the better-quality burlap should be saved for your DIY arts and crafts.

Now that you know the many ways you can use burlap bags and fabric, it is time to roll your sleeves, don your wide-brimmed hat, and get dirty in your garden. Make sure to work hard but also have fun.

Prefer to enjoy the beauty of your yard without all the hard work? We’re here to help! Reach out to Tayloe’s Lawn Care Services by calling or texting us: 252.287.3376. You can also follow us on Facebook for frequent updates.

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